How To Get Rid Of Performance Reviews
Transform Your Company Into An Agile And Learning Organisation
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What You Will Learn:
In this book you will find the explanation of all of the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why Performance Reviews do not work. It also explains what you can do to create a High Performing Organisation without this deadly practice.

The author starts the book explaining why Performance Reviews do not make sense, why they do not work and how they destroy our companies. 

Companies still use Performance Reviews because they believe they need it in order to: "Provide Feedback To Employees", "Establishment of Goals and Targets", "Promotions", "Salary Increase" and "Boss-employee Coaching".  In the second part of the book the author explains how you can substitute Performance Reviews and still be able to tackle this individual issues.

Companies do not need Performance Reviews in order to tackle the previous topics. They simply need to become an Agile Company. The secret to become an Agile Company is to become a Learning Organisation. This will be the focus of the last part, bringing all the pieces together and teach you how to assemble a company that will be able to tackle any issue on its own.
In Summary:

How to Design An Organisation Without Performance Reviews

One of the most important lessons you will get out of this book is to understand how Performance Reviews do not work and actually destroy your company. Because we are not happy only in pointing the problems, this book will teach you how to design an organisation without Performance Reviews. 

Create an organisation that is able to crush the competitors

The solution is to create a company that is able to learn by itself to come up with its own solutions. After reading this book you will have a pretty good idea how to create this kind of organisation. This will allow you to crush any competition.

Step by Step explanation of how can companies remove any organisational impediment

Do you remember those days when you spent weeks trying to fix organisational problems but everything got shut down because of organisational bureaucracy? Do not worry, this book will provide you step by step instructions on creating fantastic ways to solve all organisational impediments in a quick way.

Easy and simple way to connect company vision with daily operations

After reading this book you will have concrete ideas on how to organise your organisation or department in a way that you will be able to connect the company strategy into daily operations. All your employees will understand how their work fits in the whole picture.

Step by Step explanation on how to create a culture of innovation and continuous learning

In order to survive in the current society companies must strive innovation and continuous learning, which is crucial part of the organisations. In this book you will get plenty of ideas on how to achieve this. 

Ideas on creating a company with employees who are happy to wake up to come to work

Having employees fully motivated to do their best is a dream of any manager or a founder. After reading this book you will have many ideas on how to create this kind of environment or company. 
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Jason Little

Chief Bot Wrangler at Leanintuit and Author of Lean Change Management

Linda Rising

Computer Software Consultant and Professional

Jurgen Appelo

CEO, Happy Melly

Lisa Crispin

Tester at Pivotal Labs

Mary and Tom Poppendieck

Owner, Poppendieck.LLC

Niels Pflaeging

Management exorcist, influencer, advisor, author of Organize for Complexity
"Transform Your Company into a Learning Organisation"
With the learnings acquired by this book you will be able to create a Learning Organisation that is able to tackle any of its own problems and challenges. The infographic above represents the approach explained in this book.
You will receive the first part of the book when you subscribe. Your privacy is 100% protected.
What beta readers say about it

Shirly Ronen Harel
Agile Coach

This book tackles one of the hardcore traditional procedures we are all engages in and for some reason taken for granted:  
The performance appraisals. This book seriously addresses and questions this issue.

Reading the book makes you feel that all of your past pains regarding organisation performance appraisals where not your imagination, they were all real. 

It all connects, something is really wrong with doing performance appraisal the way most organisations are doing it. But before reading this book i could not point it accurately out or I had hard time convincing management or HR why intuitively performance appraisals feels so wrong, so out of place , so ineffective, so time consuming…. Well, this book does it.

Contrary to what is said in the book this book is not just for open minded people. Fortunate, the book leads you beautifully toward understanding the concept and reality facts behind the idea of getting rid of performance review and open your mind to some new ideas. 

Stefano Porro
Agile Coach

I'm a beta reader of the new incoming book by Luis Goncalves about Performance Appraisals. What about this book? Luis tells to his readers why performance appraisals simply don't work using lots of real examples, historical notes, quotes by great leaders and entrepreneurs, and above all using all his long experience. 

He focuses on the importance of people coworking, and not people individual targets because a system is made by people that have to collaborate: using performance appraisals will cause an individual thinking, but if organisations want to be successful must move towards system thinking. If you are an entrepreneur, a manager or an employee and you want to help your organisation to grow and win, this is the book you must read! 

And when you'll read this book remember when Luis at page 10 says "I want to make the difference" - I'm sure that, like me, you'll think "He is on the right path!". After finishing this first part I say no more "I'm a beta reader", but "I'm a proud beta reader".
About the Author
Who’s behind this?

Hey, I’m Luis Goncalves. I’ve been working in the software industry since 2003, and have learned the hard way what works (most of the time) and what does not work (almost never).

My goal with this book is to help companies to evolve. I wrote this book with the wish of making a difference in the way how companies are run today. I believe we are living a revolution in our society and the way how we run companies must change.

I believe this book will give you enough tools to help you build the company of the future where people will be highly engaged and the results will appear without delay.

You can find me and get in touch in Twitter: @lgoncalves1979; or in my blog’s web-site:
You will receive the first part of the book when you subscribe. Your privacy is 100% protected.
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